Summer Reading Program 2020

June 20 – August 4

About the Program

What is the Summer Reading Program?

The summer reading program is an annual program that promotes literacy and learning through reading prizes and themed events. This year’s theme is “Imagine Your Story,” a fairy tale, fantasy and mythology-filled celebration of literacy!

This year, the program is entirely virtual! For a chance to win prizes, record the number of minutes you read online through Wandoo Reader using the buttons to the right. We’re also debuting a number of virtual programs fitting the theme; check out our events calendar for more information. And, new this year, we’ve created a blog to share a bit of summer reading fun with all our followers!

How do I register for the program?

Register online through Wandoo Reader by clicking one of the buttons on the right. We offer a Summer Reading Program for all ages: youth (ages 10 & under), teens (11-17 years) and adults (18+ years).

If you encounter issues registering or managing your account, talk to our staff! They can be reached via email at, phone at 248.627.1460, or text at 248.600.5988.

How do I earn prize tickets?

Earn a ticket for each minute benchmark you pass:

Youth (ages 10 & under)
300 minutes
600 minutes
900 minutes

Young Adults (ages 11-17)
500 minutes
1000 minutes
1500 minutes

Adults (18+ years)
500 minutes
1000 minutes
1500 minutes

You can also earn tickets by completing up to 6 challenges on Wandoo Reader, including challenges like “The Quest for a Reading Place,” “The Quest to be a Good Friend,” and “The Quest for a Book of Legends.”

How do I redeem tickets for prizes?

Since this year’s summer reading program is completely virtual, participants will not be able to enter their tickets into different prize drawings as in years past. Instead, each minute benchmark and challenge completed will be automatically redeemed for digital tickets. Please submit all your minutes read by noon on August 4th.

Library staff will randomly draw tickets for youth and teen/adult winners at 6pm on August 4th, and winners will be asked to select a prize from the library’s treasure trove on a first-come-first-serve basis. Youth and teens/adults have separate treasure troves this year; scroll down to view the prizes!

What is the community goal?

To foster a sense of community while we’re apart, we have a community goal of reading 250,000 minutes this summer! This means each reading minute you track on Wandoo Reader will count towards our community’s goal. We’ll post about our community goal progress throughout the program, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

What events is the library offering this summer?

We will not be offering any in-person events this summer. However, we have a variety of virtual and curbside programs available throughout the summer.

Each Tuesday during our Summer Reading Program, Miss Mary will create a new mythical creature-themed craft kit appropriate for kids in grades K-5. These crafts will be available for pickup during the library’s open hours. You can follow along as Miss Mary creates the craft on our Mythical Creature of the Week blog posts.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook! Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Miss Fran will share a new themed storytime video to our Facebook page for families to enjoy.

From July 1-30, teens can participate in the MI Library Quest, where they will need to find secret codes hidden on different Michigan libraries’ websites to help King Thaddeus III defeat the bronze dragon. Teens across Michigan can participate. Brandon Library teens between ages 11-17 who complete the quest will have the chance to select a poster prize from the library. (If you’re having trouble finding our hidden clue, check out our eLibrary page!)

More event details are forthcoming, so keep checking back!

Online Reading Logs

Click on your age group below to start your summer reading journey.

Printable Reading Logs

If you’d like to track your time on paper before submitting time online, print one of the reading logs below!

“Once Upon a Time” Writing Contest

Youth Category: ages 10 & under
Teen Category: ages 11-17

Write a piece beginning “Once upon a time.” Submissions should be no more than 3,000 words, 70 lines of poetry, or 10 pages of graphic stories.

Submit your work for consideration by emailing it to Include a title at the top of your submission, and include your name, age, email address, and phone number in the body of your email. By submitting your work, you affirm that the work attached is solely your own.

The submission period opens June 27th and ends July 25th. Submissions will be judged by three staff members: English educator Michael Stohrer, former editor Victoria Phelps, and MFA poet Jesse Cornea. Winners will be announced by August 1st and will receive a small prize. Winners will also have the opportunity to have their work published on the Library’s blog.

Youth Treasure Trove

Browse the prizes for our Summer Reading Program’s youth drawing, and click on an image for more information. Winners will be announced August 4th. Winners will select prizes on a first come, first serve basis.

Teen/Adult Treasure Trove

Browse the prizes for our Summer Reading Program’s teen/adult drawing, and click on an image for more information. Winners will be announced August 4th. Winners will select prizes on a first come, first serve basis. More gift cards will be available closer to the prize drawing date.