Mythical Creature of the Week: The Phoenix

While the color of its plumage may vary from myth to myth, the Phoenix is always majestic and powerful. Frequently associated with the sun, this fabled bird appears in ancient and medieval literature, usually crowned with a vibrant halo. 

Because legends so frequently depict this regal bird’s death and resurrection, the Phoenix is often used today as a symbol of rebirth. Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? Sure, your team might have been down by seventy at halftime, but they came back in the second half, rising like a Phoenix to win the championship. 

Contemporary audiences likely associate the Phoenix with the Harry Potter series. Owing to Aldus Dumbledore’s fondness for these iridescent birds, the secret organization fighting to vanquish the evil Voldemort is named The Order of the Phoenix. Elsewhere, in Marvel Comics, the heroic Jean Gray adopts the mantle of the Phoenix after—you guessed it—her death and resurrection. The Phoenix has also enjoyed a stint in C. S. Lewis’ Narnia, guarding the gates of a garden.

Car aficionados will recognize the Phoenix from the hood of many a Pontiac Firebird and this fantastic creature can be seen in a mural displayed in the Chamber of the United Nations Security Council, where it represents the world’s efforts to rebuild after World War II. 

Rumour has it the Phoenix is currently enjoying retirement in Arizona. Where in Arizona? Your guess is as good as mine. 

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