Happily Ever After

Wow! That’s it! The summer reading program is a wrap! We hope you had fun. We enjoyed reading along with you, writing the blog posts and helping you on your quest. Just to break it down, here’s how the program went:

  • We had 133 participants this year. This broke down into
    • 69 youth registrants
    • 13 teen registrants
    • 51 adult registrants
  • As a community, we read 177,583 minutes!
    • 11,120 minutes were contributed by our teens, for an average of 855 minutes per reader!
    • 75,135 minutes were read by our youth readers, for an average of 1,089 minutes per reader!!
    • 91,328 minutes were read by our adult readers, for an average of 1,790 minutes per reader!!!

Let’s take a look at that community goal again.

Wow! Three-quarters of the way! That’s what we would call amazing! That equates to about 123 days worth of reading!

We wanted to thank everyone who participated this year! It ended up being quite a bit different from how we imagined it but you guys managed to rock it anyway! We’re so proud of you! Until next year!