Library Card Registration

A library card application must be filled out for new library cardholders.

The cardholder, or parent/legal guardian in the case of a minor, is responsible for all materials borrowed on the card and agrees to abide by library policies.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian with proof of identity when applying for a library card. By signing the application, the parent/legal guardian agrees to be financially responsible for all items checked out on a child's library card and return of the materials identified in the library account. Parent/legal guardian becomes the primary cardholder.

A state‐issued picture ID with your current address is required.

We can also accept a state‐issued picture ID with official mail addressed to you at your current address (e.g. a utility bill or a tax receipt from the township or village).

Children under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a teacher on a class visit.

A resident may apply for a library card on the library’s online catalog.

Within 24 business hours, library staff will email the new account holder a library card number providing access to Brandon Resources. The library card expires after 90 days if proof of residency was not uploaded with the application or the patron does not visit the Library to complete the registration process.


Library Card Types


Any resident of or property owner in Brandon Township. 

  • Property owners who reside outside of Brandon Township need to provide proof of property owned in the form of a tax receipt from Brandon Township or the Village of Ortonville. 

Card Expiration: 3 Years
Checkout Limit: 100 Books / 10 AV

Home Delivery

Available to residents who are homebound.

  • To be eligible for this service, a patron must be a Brandon Township resident, have a valid Brandon library card, and complete the application for home delivery service.

Card Expiration: 1 Year
Checkout Limit: 5 Items


Individuals who attend Brandon K‐12 schools but are not residents of Brandon Township are eligible.

  • Students must have either a School Enrollment Verification form filled out by the school indicating that they are a student, show a current Brandon student ID card, or show a printout of their current school schedule.

Card Expiration: 1 Year
Checkout Limit: 100 Books / 10 AV

Works In

 Any individual who works or owns a business in Brandon Township.

  • Proof of employment must be provided and may include a pay stub or work ID badge.

Card Expiration: 1 Year
Checkout Limit: 100 Books / 10 AV


Available to any individual who does not live, work, or own property in Brandon Township.

  • $100.00 per year

Card Expiration: 1 Year
Checkout Limit: 100 Books / 10 AV

TLN Members

Any individual who lives in The Library Network (TLN) service area may use their home library card to set up a library account at BTPL.

  • TLN patrons must provide their home library card and state‐issued picture ID.
  • TLN library cards are not eligible for BTPL eResources or MeLCat.

Card Expiration: 3 Years
Checkout Limit: 10 Items


Any individual who lives in Michigan and whose home library participates in the MILibrary card program may use their home library card to set up an account at BTPL.

  • MILibrary patrons must provide their library card with a MILibrary sticker affixed and state‐issued picture ID.
  • MILibrary cards are not eligible for BTPL eResources or MeLCat.

Card Expiration: 1 Year
Checkout Limit: 10 Items


Available to any individual residing at the Clearwater Campground on a temporary basis.

  • Individual needs proof of lot occupancy in the form of a receipt with lot number on it from the campground.
  • Temporary cards are not eligible for MeLCat.

Card Expiration: 6 Months
Checkout Limit: 10 Items

  • Renewing Library Cards

    Patrons are notified two weeks before their library account expires. Resident cards may renew their card online by verifying their personal information through their online library account. If the patron's address has changed they must submit proof of residency via email or by visiting the library. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian with proof of identity when renewing a library card. Borrower accounts are removed from the system 3 years from the expiration date if not renewed.

  • Responsibility

    Library cards or picture ID must be presented at checkout and patrons are responsible for maintaining control over their library cards. Library cards are non-transferable, and the cardholder or parent/legal guardian is responsible for fees for materials checked out using the library card.

  • Lost or Stolen Card

    Lost library cards must be reported immediately to library staff either in person or by phone at 248.627.1460. There is no cost for replacement cards.

  • Blocked Accounts

    Additional library card accounts may not be opened by individuals if the primary cardholder is blocked.

Library Materials

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All patrons checking out materials must have an active library account, with no outstanding lost or damaged items. Due dates for materials are available via print or email receipt, as well as on the patron's online library account.
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All library card types receive 2 renewals of checked out materials. If there is a hold placed on the item, the item will not renew.
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Materials placed on hold must be checked out only to the card under which the item was reserved. TLN Members, MILibrary, and Temporary cardholders are limited to 3 items on hold at a time.
Lost Items
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Materials that exceed 30 days beyond the due date will be marked as lost, the patron’s access to library services will be blocked, and the list cost of the item will be charged to the patron’s account. Once an item is paid for, no refund will be given. Items will be replaced at the library’s discretion.
Damaged Items
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If material is returned damaged and may not be put back into circulation, the primary cardholder is responsible for the payment of the replacement costs. Repair or replacement will be at the library’s discretion.
Overdue Items
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BTPL does not assess daily overdue fines. Patrons are still responsible for returning items on or before the due date. To assist in the timely return of its materials, the library will notify patrons of overdue materials via email, text, or by phone when the materials are 3, 7, 14, and 28 days late. BTPL is not required to send notices for lost or damaged materials, and failure to receive a notice does not relieve the borrower of responsibility to return materials when due.

MeLCat: InterLibrary Loan

Resident, Student, Works in, and Purchased cardholders may request items unavailable at the library from the state-wide MeLCat interlibrary loan system. Requests may be placed in person, by phone, or online at A patron will be notified when a requested item arrives at the library. Items borrowed through interlibrary loan must be returned to BTPL. Interlibrary Loan materials that are lost or damaged will be charged to the patron’s account.

MeLCat Renewals: Only one renewal is allowed for MeLCat books. Audiobooks may or may not be renewed; it is at the discretion of the lending library. DVDs are NOT renewable.

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