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Brandon Reads – Week 5 Discussion

Why do you think the title of the book is Early Morning Riser? What questions would you want to ask the author of this book?

Please mark your comment as a *spoiler* if sharing plot points.

2 comments on “Brandon Reads – Week 5 Discussion

  1. I really tried to think out of the box while reading in order to figure out the reasoning behind the title, but I honestly still have zero clue! So obviously, this would be one of my questions for the author. I also have some questions regarding Jane’s personality. In my opinion, Jane allowed people to walk all over her throughout the book, including her mother, Duncan, and Aggie; I am curious how the author expected readers to feel about this. Are we supposed to sympathize with Jane or are we supposed to want to scream at her to stand up for herself? I’ll be honest, I mostly side with the screaming audience. Throughout the entire book, I couldn’t help but feel like Jane deserved better than what she ended up with.

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