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Brandon Reads – Week 1 Discussion

What was your initial reaction? Who do you like? Dislike? What do you predict will happen?

Please mark your comment as a *spoiler* if sharing plot points.

5 comments on “Brandon Reads – Week 1 Discussion

  1. I struggle to identify with the main character. She just makes so many choices that I wouldn’t! But goodness, her mom sounds just like mine! My favorite character is Freida because she seems to be a free spirit, doing her own thing and not worried about how others perceive her.

    I predict Duncan is going to break Jane’s heart.

  2. My initial reaction is why is a 26 year old girl dating an early 40’s year old guy. Especially knowing that he has been with every girl in town and still is seeing some of them. I like hearing about the different cities in Michigan that are mentioned in the book (well at least the first chapter that I have read). I also like the light humor. So far I like Jane. There is no one I particularly dislike yet. Duncan would probably be a person that should be disliked but yet he tries too hard to please others by doing favors for them. I predict that Jane and Duncan eventually become a pair.

  3. *Spoiler* I found the book a little slow going in the beginning. At first I was not fond of Jane. But I had to remember she is just 26 and not very secure in herself or a relationship. Then, during her wedding planning stage, I felt sorry for her. Why could she not be happy for herself, why did she stay in a relationship if she was not all in? I am hoping for a little back story on her, her mother and maybe something about a father and past relationship

  4. I agree with Kim, I am really loving the Northern Michigan setting! It is neat to hear Jane talk about areas of Boyne City where I have visited before. So far, I am liking Jane’s character but, unfortunately, I dislike Duncan. I have a bad feeling about their relationship and I don’t think he treats Jane as well as he should.

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